• PAUL

    King on the bike, but have you even L1FTed with him, bro?

    Off the mic, Paul enjoys a good game of golf, some grillin', his Wife (shoutout to Jen), his furry friends (Shoutout to Dave),

    and getting invited to fancy breakfasts.

    (Just kidding, Dave!)

    R1DE, CL1MB, L1FT

    with Dad-jokin'-Paul.

  • DAVE

    Things you'll hear in class from our 6+ year experienced R1DE Master Dave:

    No Bouncy Bouncy

    Feet to the Beat

    Hold. The rhythm. Hold. The pace.

    YA, YA CAN



    R1DE & L1FT

    with Dave


    The Choco Thunda

    Straight outta Amsterdam

    He'll make you laugh.

    He'll make you cry. 

    His classes look into the heart and soul. 

    Don't say we didn't warn ya.

    R1DE, CL1MB, L1FT

    with Herns


    Pockets full of Rosies.. cuz she's our pocket-sized BEATbabe.

    Known to be quite competitive when it comes to sports, so find her on the BEATboard and race her!

    She loves burpees, food, her "furkid", and any kind of quiz. 

    She once said, "I love to go out with friends, eat a lot and maybe have a wee boogie"...

    True. Her playlists are L1T.

    R1DE, CL1MB, L1FT

    with Rosie.


    I mean..., with bicep game like that, what more can we say?

    Ok, we'll tell you a little more. 

    A newbie to group fitness, but long-time vet to the fitspo game.

    We all can learn a lot from this bombshell.

    Things she loves: heavy squats, bootcamps, and organizing or cleaning.

    Things that take her zen away: sphynx cats.

    ..Fine, she actually said 'feral cats', but we thought 'sphynx' would be funnier. 

    R1DE, CL1MB, L1FT

    with Sheida

  • HANA

    You may recognize 'coachbooshy' as the Barre Babe that was

    Hana comes from a dance background & 12 years experience with barre method and yoga

    She's been training for years across several disciplines, but after falling in love with the L1FT / CL1MB method at 1BEAT, was inspired to take her teaching offer to new heights (see what we did there)?

    She's also our Ops / Marketing Director at 1BEAT so if you want to chat about fitness or business, she's game.