What is 1BEAT?




R1DE: our indoor spinning offer; the program of this experience is rhythmic, and choreographed to the tempo and beat of the music. The instructors will guide you with the ranges for resistance on your bike, to create a dynamic, challenging, and fun interval training experience that will motivate you to push beyond any limits created in your head.


CL1MB : The newest and most effective fat and calorie burning workout available with the VersaClimber machine. It's a low-impact, high-intensity cardiovascular workout designed to help shape and tone your body, develop and strengthen core strength, with a complete total body burn.


L1FT: Our HIIT bootcamp style class incorporates both a weightlifting bench program, and the CL1MB method together! You'll spend half the time on the bench, and the other half on the Climber. This program is designed to build strength, and burn calories in a packaged class to ensure a full-body experience, all to the beat of the music.



First time?

Here's what you need to know... 1ST - Create your username and password, and login! Your first class is free! Once you've created an account and redeemed your first class, check out our TEAM to book with your favorite instructor, or check out our BOOK tab to check out our schedule! Once you sign-up for your class, you'll get an email confirmation of your spot booked.



Here are some more FAQs and some helpful tips!


• Anyone 13 years of age or older is fair game to join us for our R1DE CL1MB and L1FT classes!

• We provide complimentary cycling shoes which are provided to you upon check-in. Head over to our front of house staff and give them your name and class; they'll take care of you.


Can I come to class without a reservation?

Of course! But it is first come first serve and our lit instructors and timings can fill up fast. To ensure you get your favorite bike, climber or bench reserved, we recommend booking your classes in advance. Our booking window opens on Saturdays at 5:00 pm for the week ahead.


What shall I bring to class? 

Bring a water bottle and wear something comfortable.

For R1DE, we recommend you go for a T-shirt or tank top to keep cool, and for bottoms, any shorts or form-fitting leggings that won’t interfere with the pedals. We’ll provide complimentary shoes, but you’ll need to bring socks. L1FT and CL1MB require that sneakers are worn for your safety.


How can I participate on the BEATboard?


Can my instructor see my performance stats?


Unless you opt in to the BEATboard during class, your numbers are for you. Only you can see your performance stats. If you've opted in to the BEATboard, the instructor can only see your score when it’s flashed up on the board.


Can I take my class if I'm pregnant?

Please consult your physician before starting any exercise program. If you're pregnant, have been cleared by your doctor to exercise, and interested in working your mum-bum with us, please make sure you arrive early to inform your instructor so they can offer any necessary modifications to you from their planned program.


What amenities does each studio have? Our studio offers you our velvety protein smoothies with our BEAT bar, as well as a coffee bar, a water re-filling station, and full-equipped bathrooms and changing rooms (hair-dryers and hair straighteners, toiletries, bath towels, 


Do you have any recommendations for my first class?


If you’re new to 1BEAT, don't worry!

Our HIIT workouts will always offer a range of difficulty and resistance to choose from! Your'e in control. During your R1DE class, our instructors will always inform you on what your resistance should be to optimize the metrics and effort of the workout but each stationary bike is uniquely controlled by the rider. So take it up beyond the recommendation if you're feeling super strong (as long as you're riding on the beat), or turn it down to the level that suits you until you build up the endurance and strength to follow the instructor's queues. You got this.


With our L1FT offer, our instructors will always coach you on the right weight range, as well as the tempo of the movement. But don't worry! You go your pace when you need to. This is your workout. Our instructors are always available before class for injury modification, and after class if you would like to get clarity on anything!