What is R1DE?

R1DE is our indoor stationary cycling class powered by music.

We aim to use every facet of music to create emotion and passion. Every verse is a chance to encapsulate; every chorus, an opportunity to encourage; and each bridge is a chance to recover and reflect.


The program of this 45-minute experience is rhythmic, and choreographed to the tempo and beat of the music. Instructors will guide R1DERS through ranges of resistance and speed, and utilize our bike’s unique color-mode system to create a dynamic, challenging, and fun interval-training experience that will motivate you and push beyond any limits created in your head.


Our signature 45-minute R1DE is a performance cycling experience powered by color mode technology that brings you 5 workings color zones from lowest to highest intensity: white, blue, green, yellow, and red! White is like riding downhill, and Red Zone is max output! Our instructors will coach by color through fast sprints, heavy climbs, fast climbs, tap backs, BEATpulses, amazing playlists, and a light show for all your pushes and pulls; always on the beat. R1DE with us.


What is CL1MB?

Burn 22.3 calories per minute on the climber, and up to 1,035 calories during the a 45-min session! 


Studies show that VersaClimber can burn calories at higher rates than any other equipment and this results in a higher post exercise metabolism. It’s an all-in-one gym machine. Climbing is another animal.


This method of movement utilizes the body’s primal upright biomechanics, promoting core work, healthy spinal alignment, a balanced physique, and neuromuscular coordination. CL1MB is a low impact, but high intensity exercise that activates all the major muscle groups of your body simultaneously, making our full body workout offer the most effective calorie burner on the market. 


CL1MB provides an introduction to the Versaclimber in a rhythmic climb cardio party! Experience all the perks the climber offers through a safe, full-body, zero impact workout. This class uses music and lights to create a bespoke experience tailored to keep you moving and grooving in a fast-paced and fun environment.


The CL1MB program is built based on interval training and focuses on a variety of motions to CL1MB, Stride, and 2-Step to effectively train you as you learn the foundations of VersaClimbing.


What is L1FT?

Our HIIT bootcamp style class incorporates both a weightlifting bench program, and the CL1MB method together! You'll spend half the time on the bench, and the other half on the Climber. This program is designed to build strength, and burn calories in a packaged class to ensure a total body experience, all to the beat of the music. Each day we offer a different muscle group focus or approach to training. 


Monday - Everything L1FT (Full Body)

No muscle group left behind. A total body blend of each of the other days and a mix of each approach to training; with weights, bands, or both weights and bands at the same time; HEAVY, Strength training, Conditioning, Endurance training... we have the whole of you covered. 


Tuesday - L1FT HEAVY (Full Body)

Quality over quantity with this one. We'll go heavy, but focus on good form, range of motion, and your breath, as we challenge you to take it up a notch with the weights, targeting Full Body.


Wednesday - L1FT - All The Way Up (Upper Body Focused)

Everything from the hips up is fair game for this upper body blast: Arms, Abs, Back, Chest, Shoulders, and Core focused!


Thursday - L1FT BEATBooty (Lowre Body Focused)

Get yourself a BEATbooty, strong legs, and some fire abs witah this Lower and Core focused program. 50mins Strength & Cardio, alternating between the Versaclimber and the floor program.


Friday - L1FT HardCORE n More (Abs / Core Focused)

You know we had to do it with this one. It's beyond the abs for us. With deep core work and isolations, we're going to help you strengthen that core from the inside-out. But in-between, to give your abs a chance to recover, we might throw in some bicep curls or squats! We like to call it Abs Day with sprinkles on top.


Saturday & Sunday - L1FT HUSTLE (Full Body)

L1FT HUSTLE is your weekend HIIT session with fast-paced, high-energy, full body vibes with ongoing circuits utilizing the L1FT and CL1MB methods. AMRAPS, EMOMS, OTM, Climber Rounds -- and so much more! This is the class you want to start your weekend with, every weekend. It's the morning rave you didn't know you needed.