At 1BEAT, we understand that no two days are the same. Your body, your mind, and your mood will be different today than it was yesterday, than it will be tomorrow. This is all considered when you walk through the door. Once you’re here, the moment is yours. You’re in control. Your workout is a meditative hour for you. Where you are in your mind before, during, and after, and the journey your head takes while you’re here is relevant and is just as important as what your body allows you to do. We encourage every one to choose an intention before they start the class, and dedicate yourselves and your performance to it for the full hour. Today, it’s to release stress and decompress from a sh*t day at work.

Tomorrow, you dedicate the hour to your long-term goal and hitting a PB

Yesterday, it was dedicated to your best friend, going through a tough time. Connect the head and heart to your body and see the places you’ll go.

What is R1DE?

Our indoor spinning offer; the program of this experience is rhythmic, and choreographed to the tempo and beat of the music. The instructors will guide you with the ranges for resistance on your bike, to create a dynamic, challenging, and fun interval training experience that will motivate you to push beyond any limits created in your head.

What is CL1MB?

Studies show that VersaClimber can burn calories at higher rates than any other equipment and this results in a higher post exercise metabolism. It’s an all-in-one gym machine. Climbing is another animal. This method of movement utilizes the body’s primal upright biomechanics, promoting core work, healthy spinal alignment, a balanced physique, and neuromuscular coordination. CL1MB is a low impact, but high intensity exercise that activates all the major muscle groups of your body simultaneously, making our full body workout offer the most effective calorie burner on the market.

What is L1FT?

Our HIIT bootcamp style class incorporates both a weightlifting bench program, and the CL1MB method together! You'll spend half the time on the bench, and the other half on the Climber. This program is designed to build strength, and burn calories in a packaged class to ensure a total body experience, all to the beat of the music.